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The Search Engine

Edgebase is an advanced search engine, allowing you to detect and gather the best data and insights on public and private companies from the digital space. We enable you to filter companies and their solutions by creating your financial and extra financial metric universe, allowing you to obtain only results that reflect your standards of qualification.

The Innovators Pages

Edgebase is the first platform displaying companies with their solutions portfolio, bringing you a better understanding of the companies offering and competitive advantages. Every company page offers financial and non-financial diagnosis as well as displaying their open innovation initiatives. Additionally you will find their niche market, clients and preferred suppliers.

Scouting and Rating

Edgebase core value dwells in its scouting and rating methods. We provide a scouting service to help investors and innovators in their digital investment and alliances. Our team of experienced analysts and scouters, is dedicated to providing you with deep insights based on financial and extra financial metrics tailored to your business model, culture and supported technologies.

Watchlist Manager

The Watchlist Manager is a unique listing management tool that is offered to our community. By using ou premium access you will be able to create your own short lists and invite their team to collaborate by sorting, rating, commenting and filtering the companies according to your standards.

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