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Edgebase helps Corporates and Startups innovate better together using :

Edgebase Screener

Identify companies through financial and extra financial metrics

Edgebase Connect

Discover the best fitted innovation programs and their initiatives

Edgebase Manager

Create your private portfolio with your team in a secured environment


The law of attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read, and talk about intensely, you are going to attract more of into your life. And the same law can be applied to innovative companies. Edgebase encourages businesses to display their services, products and open innovation initiatives to provide a deeper understanding of their business and attract all innovation and procurement stakeholders. Discover how


Our Edgebase Screener allows businesses to detect, identify and gather the best data and insights on public and private companies from the digital space. You can filter companies and their solutions through financial and extra financial metrics to obtain only results that reflect your standards of qualification. Search companies


Assess the companies of the future by quickly evaluating a variety of important health and growth signals. Edgebase displays for free a large range of information on companies such as their latest financial position and history, business and revenue model, solution portfolio and clients, as well as similar companies. With premium access, you will benefit from financial and extra financial metrics to value and assess the potential of your targeted companies. Try for free


Edgebase provides an additional scouting service to help you assess and rate all SME’s. Our team of experienced analysts and scouters, is dedicated to providing you with deep insights based on financial and extra financial metrics tailored to your business model, culture and supported technologies. Contact us


Edgebase offers a secured and private listing management tool in which you will be able to invite all decision makers to collaborate by sorting, rating, and filtering the companies that are of your interest. The scoring point and funnel are entirely editable allowing your team to rate companies on your own terms to select your next ally. Try for free


Tools & Data

Edgebase Screener
Search companies that could provide you value by searching through companies solutions, radius of distribution and metrics.
Edgebase Connect
The Edgebase Connect is a directory that simplifIes and emphasizes companies communication about their European Edgebase Connect initiatives.
Edgebase Manager
Create private and secured folders to rank companies with your team.
Analyse companies by looking at their pages that will offer aggregated informations and diverse it’s self from a transparency on clients portfolio for each individual company offer.


Pay as you go
By providing our team the scope of the theme you would like us to cover, we will map up to 150 to 300 companies that respond to your need.
Data Aggregation
By providing us a listing of companies, our team and technologies will furnish your dataset with financial and extra financial metrics.
Deep dive, Insights and Analysis
Throughout our analysts we provide you with a 360° analysis report on the companies you are willing to ally with or invest in.
* Price may vary depending of the complexity of the task


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