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3 inter connected applications

Edgebase Connect

Edgebase Connect is an open innovation directory that simplfies and emphasizes companies' communication on their European open innovation initiatives, allowing corporates and startups to be working better, together.

Edgebase Screener

Edgebase database is at the core of the all the webapps. The Screener allows investors to scan companies and thanks to financial and non financial metrics as well as distributed markets.

Edgebase Manager

The Edgebase Manager is a unique collaboration tool allowing users to create watch lists and share their opinion while dragging company's card into different stages. Also, Startups applications are stored there.

A hybrid updating database

Hybrid data injection

In addition to Edgebase contribution, our user provides information about their company by signing up and updating their company profile. Your team your company Edgebase.

Hybrid data collection

We provide quality over quantity by generating 70% of Edgebase data is hand made and only 30% of it is automatically generated.

New company page reference format

For the past 20 years, B2B social medias and companies databases have been presenting companies under the same format. We want to change that. For the past few years we have been challenging the status quo of the company's pages and established a “new format” by going a step further in the information we decided to display.

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