We help Corporates and Startups innovate better together.

Find the perfect project
and apply in one click

Free advanced search engine
on european OI initiatives

Analyze, compare & evaluate applicants and OI displayers

Gather a full understanding of what everyone can bring to the table

Receive and manage applications with your watchlist manager

A friendly and secured experience for initiators and applicants

One-Click Application

Online applications are often a burden for startups. Its requires a lot of time to go through all the questions, which often result in abandon and half made forms. With Edgebase, startups create their own company page when they signup; allowing them to apply in one click and send to the innovation program all the information they need.

Advanced Tagging System

The web has enabled many technologies and innovations to emerge. This evolution has brought new words and expressions to express different types of methodologies and technologies. Edgebase semantic search engine allows you to accurately find initiatives that are related to you interest.

Your Company. Your Information.

Have you ever dreamed about feeling and being in full control of your applicants flow? Well, at Edgebase we have created a company management tool that enables your innovation panel to collectively rate, comment each application. The rating elements and scope are entirely managed by you so that you can apply your own qualification standards.